Friday, December 8, 2023

    Julia Rose and Becca Want to Replace Playboy

    FRUITSHAKE: “Let’s just say this up front so there is no doubt about it: we love Julia Rose and Becca! They are both stunningly gorgeous, they’re smart and riotously funny and their rapport on the “Sh*tshow” podcast so entertaining.”

    SMOOTHIE: “I feel like that show fulfills my fantasy of being behind the scenes with the hot mean girls in high school but they are a not as mean.”

    FRUITSHAKE: “They’re not mean at all. I think they’re adorable. I suspect Becca and I would get along swimmingly.”

    SMOOTHIE:Swimmingly you say! Like an old British member of Parliament!”

    FRUITSHAKE: “Becca and I share the same two passions: fast cars and primo weed.”

    SMOOTHIE: “Yet you don’t have a car and last time I checked your weed was skank. And no one’s said primo since Fast Times at Ridgemont High!”

    FRUITSHAKE: “You see, I’m from Brooklyn and she represents LA.”

    SMOOTHIE: “The old bicoastal rivalry–why it gotta be that way?”

    FRUITSHAKE: “The funniest episode I’ve seen was the one where they do spot-on impersonations of fuck boys, demonstrating how to identify them.”

    SMOOTHIE: “Oh yeah, let’s take a look at that.”

    SMOOTHIE: “Am I a Fuckboy? For example, I keep a supply of swag bags to give ladies in the morning after I kick them out of my crib.”

    FRUITSHAKE: “What’s in one of these swag bags?”

    SMOOTHIE: “Coupon for one free Uber ride home or to her next client. Small bottle of Purell. Free brochures about sexual diseases from the local clinic. Assorted candies. McDonald’s breakfast discount coupons. Personal size package of Kleenex. Hotel bar soaps. And dig this–a mix tape.”

    FRUITSHAKE: “Mix tape? An actual cassette?”

    SMOOTHIE: “Smoothie’s Morning After Mixtape! 20 slow jams and trip hop classics to help her wind down, rest up and recuperate.”

    FRUITSHAKE: “So thoughtful of you! Now what do we know about Julia and Becca?”

    SMOOTHIE: “Julia was born in 1993 in New Orleans. Grew up in Texas. She was a bartender on the first season of the reality show “”Are You the One” in 2016. She and some other Instagram models flashed their breasts at a game in the 2019 World Series, a stunt that got her banned for life from MLB games. In March 2019 she and some friends founded a digital magazine called Shagmag. ‘We’re here to replace the bunny,’ she told the New York Post last year.[1] She wants the subscription publication to be a hipper version of the long-suffering Hugh Hefner magazine.”

    FRUITSHAKE: “I’ve seen a few issues. The photography is excellent and the design is good. There have been 33 issues to date.”

    SMOOTHIE: “I keep seeing a lot of bananas in the shoots. Also a lot of yellow, which I like.”

    FRUITSHAKE: “It’s a bit influenced by VICE Magazine, visually and editorially. When that Post article was published it said she had 12,000 subscribers. Probably has a lot more now that her podcast has taken off.”

    SMOOTHIE:The Sh*tshow is on YouTube. They launched it a year ago and they have 389,000 subscribers. One of the most viewed episodes featured Mike Majlak talking about dating porn star Lana Rhoades. He’s always a good interview subject. He asked if Becca was always high! And she does seem a bit stoned most of the time!”

    FRUITSHAKE: “We don’t know much about Becca except that she’s also an Instagram model and her last name is Vlaszof. The connection between Majlak and Julia, by the way, is that she has dated boxer Jake Paul on and off for several years and Majlak is a cohost on Paul’s brother Logan’s podcast Impaulsive.”

    SMOOTHIE: “The most recent episode of The Sh*tshow I’ve watched was episode 64. They interviewed a man who ran a very successful elite escort agency. It was fascinating. Julia is an amazing interviewer!

    FRUITSHAKE: “So check out their podcast and their digital magazine Shagmag!”



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