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Manuel Ferrara, Jia Lissa, Sonya Blaze in "Jia" VIXEN

Manuel Ferrara, Jia Lissa, Sonya Blaze in “Jia” VIXEN

Joywank is a website devoted to the art, culture and business of porn. It’s a free site. It will never be a membership site.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, the free site brings a fresh perspective to the appreciation of adult films, with a serious and also comic appreciation of the style and history of adult films. In many ways it is a love letter to adult entertainment and adult entertainers. Articles will range from academic to morning zoo style banter, but always with a deep respect for the people who make and act in adult entertainment. A humorous recurring feature of the site is “Scene Study by Fruitshake and Smoothie,” in which our two reviewers conduct a time-stamped dialogic review of a porn clip. Their discussions, complete with whimsical tangents, range from insightful aesthetic appreciations of film technique, lighting and editing to verbal valentines to performers.

The writers and developers of the site combine many years of work in the adult entertainment online industry, HBO and other employers. Funded by advertising, affiliate banners and private investment, joywank.com aims to become one of the best destinations for new and innovative discourses about adult entertainment.

Please support us by visiting our advertisers. This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Contact us:

Send press inquiries to press@joywank.com.

Any user problems with the site? Send to help@joywank.com

Use our twitter page to praise, condemn or comment on the site: https://twitter.com/joy_wank

Submissions Welcome!

We welcome submissions about the history of porn, about the discourses of porn (how to review a porn film or scene), new trends in porn, DVD reviews. We want to cover all types of porn: straight, gay, trans, etc. We are open to everything from Marxist and feminist approaches to irreverent humor as long as it is respectful of the performers and people who make porn. You can use an alias for your work if you like.

Send submissions to joy@joywank.com.

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