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    RATING: 3.5 out of 5.0 stars

    Episodic web series about vlogger influencers fucking on camera for higher ratings features a hot performance by Alexis Tae and Gabbie Carter looking even sexier as a brunette in an AVN-nominated scene.

    DIRECTOR: Billy Visual
    STUDIO: Digital Playground
    RUNNING TIME: 2 hours, 40 minutes

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    Influenced was a series on the Digital Playground website and this DVD includes all four episodes plus the end credits for each episode.

    SCENE 1, B/G (34 minutes):

    After a very slick “digital agency” style title sequence, Episode 1 begins with a Zoom call between four stars of (a portal for video shows), Alexis (Alexis Teo), Alina (Alina Ali), Scarlit (Scarlit Scandal) and Isiah (Isiah Maxwell) and their new CEO (Small Hands). In a bit of an over-the-top performance Small Hands tells the three they have one weekend to get better numbers for their shows or they’ll be fired. (Odd choice of background music for this scene.) “I’ll see you all at the next scrum,” the CEO shouts. Funny line! (A scrum is a short standup meeting held by tech companies who follow the “agile” style of software development.)

    Alexis Tae, clad in a sexy purple outfit, has a new male co-host for her video show about interior design, Dante (Dante Calle)[1]credited here as Donte Colle. He says his feng shui at home is mostly movie posters on the wall and stacks of empty Red Bull cans in the kitchen.

    00:07:48 Talking about the design of a chair her hand slips into Dante’s crotch. He points out that his huge fan base loves this. She agrees to fuck him on camera but “on her own terms.” She ties his legs to the chair and gives him a wet blow job with lots of gagging action. This is followed by a number of positions with either performer seated in the chair. A high point is her radiant smile with come dripping off her lips. My only disappointment was that she didn’t do reverse cowgirl.


    00:11:30 blowjob

    00:16:01 cowgirl in chair

    00:20:36 pussy eating

    00:22:50 standing up missionary, Alexis sitting, then one leg raised

    00:26:53 doggy style

    00:34:09 cum shot on face

    5′ 6″, slim black performer Alexis has been in porn since 2109. This is her first box cover role for Digital Playground, though she has already starred in releases by Tushy and others. Her athletic figure, awesome smile, sassy attitude and enthusiastic performance lead us to believe that this gorgeous young porn star will have an auspicious career.

    Fans talk about Alexis Tae:

    SCENE 2, G/G (35 minutes):

    Scarlit Scandal and Alina Ali (who looks a bit like Zendaya) do a video show devoted to beauty and care products. Noting the huge number of likes Alexis is getting, Scarlit tells Alina she will try something different in their next live stream. Alexis takes her foot out of her bubble bath foot spa and uses it to massage Alina’s pussy, then her shoulders and her inner thighs. A good trigger area to release pressure, Scarlit notes. And what better way to release pressure than to make her come!


    00:44:33 kissing begins

    00:46:17 pussy eating

    00:50:09 Alina goes down on Scarlit

    00:53:00 The two girls suck on alternate ends of a huge cucumber, lots of saliva

    00:55:22 Alina fucks Scarlit doggy style with the cucumber

    00:58:20 they switch places, continuing with the cucumber

    01:05:20 leave chair and lie down on floor, 69 with Alina on bottom

    01:07:15 back to the chair, Alina eating and finger-fucking Scarlit’s pussy

    Afterwards, Scarlit tells Alina to put down her phone–this is a self-care day! But that doesn’t stop Scarlit from sneaking a peak at their soaring likes.

    Nicely peformed girl/girl scene although the chairs limit the action. Both performers are attractive and excellent actors in non-sex scenes. Scarlit is super hot: gorgeous body, perfect breasts and sexy hair.

    SCENE 3, B/G (42 minutes):

    01:14:56 Vickie has won a “Meet Your Idol” contest to meet video guitar instructor Isiah but apparently she didn’t read the rules. Instead of lessons she wants to fuck Isiah live on the show. “We’re both so hot, it would be waste” it they didn’t, she points out.

    He opens the show with his mini-camera in Chase’s pussy looking out at him. (Not really, of course, but that’s what’s depicted on screen!) He reaches in and pulls out the camera. The sex here is on a couch instead of chairs so there are more options than in the earlier two scenes.


    01:19:50 pussy eating

    01:22:07 blow job (Isiah has a huge cock!)

    01:25:47 doggy style

    01:29:23 blow job

    01:30:06 reverse cowgirl, more oral, and then

    01:36:53 anal reverse cowgirl

    01:41:40 anal doggy style

    01:48:40 anal missionary, guy on his knees

    01:54:25 come shot on her ass

    Learning that his show has now gone viral, Isiah smashes one of his guitars!

    Unless you are a huge fan of these two performers I wouldn’t recommend this scene. Chase keeps her eyes closed most of the time and Isiah’s performance is rather stiff. His huge dick is stiff and that’s good but neither he or Vickie seem genuinely involved in the fucking.

    SCENE 4, B/G/G (41 minutes):

    AWARDS: This scene has been nominated for the 2022 AVN Award for Best Three-Way Sex Scene.

    The talent login for a new Zoom meeting with the CEO, expecting praise for their higher ratings. Instead he tells them that outrage from “soccer moms” may get their shows cancelled. Alas, he forgets to close his window and the four video-casters see him fucking a rival influencer (Gabbie Carter)? Or is she a share holder? Unclear, but at any rate the talent is shocked to see them together.


    02:01:10 blowjob

    02:02:53 spanks Gabbie’s taut ass and sticks his fingers in her mouth, before doggy style, and then…

    02:05:20 A security guard (Violet Starr) interrupts the two, revealing that they have been live streaming the whole time and chides him for not recognizing how popular his own talent is. He goes back on stream, apologizes and then has a threesome with Violet and Gabbie, letting it go live for the network.

    02:08:39 This almost 30-minute threesome is the hottest scene in the film. Violet and Gabbie are both gorgeous here and the clothes they disrobe from make the scene even hotter. Gabbie’s dark hairstyle here makes her sexier, I think, than her performances with blonde hair. Many changes of positions in this office-based scene until Small Hands comes on both of their faces (02:37:20).


    1 credited here as Donte Colle

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