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“Influence 2” (2021)


RATING: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

DIRECTOR: Kayden Kross
RUNNING TIME: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Watch at hotmovies.com: https://www.hotmovies.com/video/447063/Influence-2/

One-Line-Review: This 2022 AVN award winner showcases Emily Willis in four sizzling scenes with top-notch production values and highly entertaining setups.

Winner of two 2022 AVN Awards.

It’s no secret that most people fast forward through the non-sex parts of a porn film. (When I’m reviewing a film I feel obligated to watch all of it and I do!) An entire genre, gonzo, was created in response to that reality. But there are still reasons why many porn films include a plot and non-explicit scenes before they “get the action going.” They may want to distribute a hard-R version for late night cable and since so much will be cut out of the sex scenes they need the non-sex scenes to make it look like soft-porn late night cable fare. Another example: the parody films of Joanna Angel and Axel Braun require a plot to establish the sexy non-comic book universe type of adult situations their super heroes stumble into.

And yet most of us, alas, still fast forward (or, in the case of VOD, advance the scrubber) past all of that. But don’t do it for this film! The setups for “Influence 2” are actually entertaining and sexy! Kayden Kross’s directorial work for Vixen is always top notch in terms of lighting, sets and camera work. But she’s also a good writer who knows how to engage an audience and keep their free hands away from the remote.

All photos courtesy of Vixen

Some very clever narration (spoken by Buster Armada) accompanies the series, explaining that “Emily Tremaine Willis” was born into a rich family but at age 18 her mom (Jesse Jane) has thrown the spoiled debutante out to make it on her on. Willis does a great Holly Golightly here. Like Ms. Golightly she becomes a sex worker to make a living but under the ruse of being a door-to-door vacuum salesperson. (Most communities have Green River Ordinances now that make it illegal to solicit sales door-to-door, but no matter!) Her modus operandi: fake a feinting attack when a gentleman opens the door to get yourself invited inside.

Once inside, pitch the product and then bed the prospective buyer. This is all very much the stuff of late night cable soft porn narratives but it’s done here with much better acting and editing than you’d find in that kind of outlet. It’s also very hot to see Willis in her business casual work uniform with her hair pulled back! Especially when she’s humping a customer (Clarke Kent) two or three times her age.

Her feckless co-workers don’t understand how she’s racking up so many sales. But Emily’s confidence plummets when she knocks on a door opened by the icy hot stare of Kayden Kross. A woman! And not just any woman, the director of this film and one of the hottest porn stars in the world. Tongue-tied and fearful, she’s still invited in. The sight of so much S&M equipment in Kayden’s mansion doesn’t make her feel any less hesitant.

Scene One: Kayden Kross, Emily Willis

Once seated inside, Emily is still intimidated by Kross and her sales skills fall by the wayside. Kross is more interested in seducing Emily.  “I would design a vacuum with a warm-rolling motion. Like this,” Kross says, taking Emily’s finger into her beautiful mouth.

Emily follows her into the S&M room. Finally catching on, she intentionally drops a glass of champagne on the floor, giving Kayden a justification for a long session of mutually enjoyable punishment. The sight of her spanking Emily with a crop across her tight khaki pants is very hot and the girl/girl scene that follows is one of the best of the year.

SCENE 2: Emily Willis, Dante Colle, Mick Blue

This film is a crossover studio release (Vixen, Slayed, Blacked) that appeared serially so each scene includes a brief recap with additional non-sex scenes.

Emily has now become one of Kayden’s sex “puppies,” living at her mansion, being mentored by her, and having frequent sex with her and her assistant Nathan Bronson. Emily gets to adopt a puppy of her own. (Elsa Jean, in a scene that appears as a bonus on the disc.) She’s then set up with a large expense account by her “coach” Mick Blue to support her mission to gain “influence.” That, Kayden explains, is the path to serious money.

Cut to Emily interrupting a video shoot by pushing Dante Colle and Mick Blue down on a leather bench in a sun-filled room in a corporate high rise and fucking them. This epic threesome features Emily receiving double-entry several times as well as performing her usual super enthusiastic oral skills.

Scene 3:  Emily Willis, Manuel Ferrara

Emily’s six-figure bank account gets shut down because of suspicious activity and it doesn’t take her long to figure out that her evil mom was behind it all. A confrontation with her doesn’t accomplish anything but we get to see another funny scene with Jesse Jane.  (Has she really put on weight or this just padding?) 

Vixen gives her another chance but now she’s lost her lust for sex (but not for money) until Manual Ferrara re-inspires it in her. The rooftop sex scene between them is as hot as the previous scene. Kross is so good at setting up carefully composed fixed shots for her sex scenes, rather than filming with a constantly moving camera.

Scene 4: Emily Willis, Rob Piper, Isiah Maxwell, Tee Reel, Anton Harden 

Now that Manuel has helped Emily realize that fucking is “her one true love,” she returns to production work, this time for blacked.com. Male talent is auditioned. Big Dick #4’s dick is so impressive Emily jumps on him and the three men waiting to audition join in for a marathon gang bang with lots of double entry. And lots of cum all over her face.

This is one of the best adult films of 2021. Buy it, rent it, and enjoy an example of the smartest, highest class adult entertainment available today.

NOTE: There is a bonus scene with Elsa Jean (who is seen briefly in scene two) on the Blu-Ray/DVD but not with VOD.

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