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Vote for Madi Collins for AVN Hottest Newcomer!


Photo Credit: Madi Collins Instagram Account

70 young ladies have been nominated for the AVN Awards “Hottest Newcomer” award. We wish we could vote for all of them but if you go to their website here you’ll see you can only vote for five. The one we hope will ultimately win this Saturday evening (February 22, 8pm PST/11pm EST, streaming live at https://avn.com/awards) has been in the industry only two years. She’s a red-haired, tiny-ish (4 feet, 10 inches), pixie-ish, cute, friendly 23-year-old.

Her name is Madi Collins. Why do we love Madi?

Look at how beautiful and effusive she is here before a scene. Collins grew up in Chicago. Asked by one interviewer what celebrity she’d like to fuck, she said Bill Nye the Science Guy! [1]https://fleshbot.com/8556756/twenty-questions-with-hot-porn-starlet-madi-collins/

And with her gorgeous red hair tied up here–is she our manic pixie dream girl?

She kind of reminds me of Shelley Duvall in the photo below. Maybe Axel Braun should cast her in a porn parody of “The Shining?” I mean a young hot Shelley Duvall, of course, like the “Brewster McCloud” Shelley.

Madi has said that her favorite position is doggie style because that’s a comfortable position for a short girl. “Riding sucks because I don’t have long legs. I have to go up and down and that takes a lot out of my legs. I never thought about that until I had to do it for 30 minutes at a time.” [2]https://interviews.adultdvdtalk.com/madi-collins/

She’s also nominated at this year’s AVN Awards for the “Best Three-Way Sex Scene,” last year’s “Two Gingers and a Nerd.” Fruitshake and Smoothie are going to take a look at that scene now.

FRUITSHAKE: “‘Two Gingers and a Nerd!’ That’s the name of every wet dream I’ve ever had!”

SMOOTHIE: “Gotta be gingers?”

FRUITSHAKE: “No, but it always is. This is from Team Skeet. Where did they get that name?”

SMOOTHIE: “From Skeet Jenkins. The founder. He did a tour in Afghanistan and went on R&R to Dubai. Ran into some employees of a Sheik who were looking for someone to repair their boss’s video gear. Skeet studied film at Ohio State and offered to help. He not only repaired the Sheik’s camera but got in so good with the dude that he offered him a job when his service was over directing videos of the girls in his harem on orgy nights. Eventually the Sheik gave Skeet the money to start a company in LA making porn.”

FRUITSHAKE: “Is there any truth to that story?”

SMOOTHIE: “No, I’m busted! But it’s a good origin story isn’t it?”

01:20 FRUITSHAKE: “I love that blue French-looking top Madi just put on. So these two just got home and they’re going to call up a new shy guy from work to visit them? How come that never happened to me?”

SMOOTHIE: “Because you grew up in a shit town where the girls were too Christian or selfish to help a well-meaning virgin boy out.”

FRUITSHAKE: “Damn, you got all the answers today? You double up on the grapefruit juice this morning?”

01:56 SMOOTHIE: “OK, who the fuck wears a bow tie? This dude better be a member of the Nation of Islam or a Lincoln Log Republican or I’m not buying it!”

02:00 FRUITSHAKE: “Chicks are into the bow ties now! But look at this set. Young girl’s bedroom. Two bonsai trees and nothing. No posters, no clutter. Good for shooting a sex scene but not realistic.”

SMOOTHIE: “They’re minimalists, for Christ’s sake! They’re young hotties who smoke weed and fuck all day. What do they need with big stacks of Tiger Beat magazine and knick knack paddy wacks?”

FRUITSHAKE: “Tiger Beat?”

02:28 SMOOTHIE: “Oh, it’s Mark Ruffalo! How did they get him to be in this?”

04:51 FRUITSHAKE: “So, he clownishly protests that he’s a virgin when they take off their tops and less than a minute later he’s as compliant as… as…”

SMOOTHIE: “Sorry I can’t finish your simile. Now I bet gay conversion therapy would take longer for this dude, though!”

06:11 FRUITSHAKE: “I like that it’s sex during the daytime. My favorite time too. I meet so many proud sexaholics who’ve never done it without being drunk and in the dark. And they think the rest of us have hangups!”

06:18 SMOOTHIE: “How about that jump cut from Madi blowing him to riding him?”

06:44 FRUITSHAKE: “I think that’s because it’s edited from the complete version. I hate that we have to use these PornHub clips! So, listen, everyone go out and give Skeet Jenkins some money!”

06:53 SMOOTHIE: “Now it’s getting really hot! That other red head, Hannah Grace is super hot too. Madi looks and sound a bit like Jenna Haze here!”

07:21 FRUITSHAKE: “Madi doing reverse cowgirl here with Hannah sitting on the nerd and rubbing Madi’s breasts. Very nice. The camera work here could be a bit better. We’ve got the POV of a flea staring up at the dude’s balls. That doesn’t correspond with the POV of a guy jerking off. I mean I know fleas need porn too, but…”

SMOOTHIE: “Now, if I was directing this scene I’d have some extras in furry suits sitting in those patio chairs and looking in through the window.”

FRUITSHAKE: “Wow, and they call me Fruitshake Fellini!”

08:21 SMOOTHIE: “Now Hannah is riding the nerd while he eats out Madi.

11:00 FRUITSHAKE: “He’s riding Madi again now while she and the nerd take turns licking Hannah’s pussy. I hope this guy is grateful and gives them both some money so they can buy some more furniture.”

11:58 SMOOTHIE: “Pretty good cumshot for a virgin with a bow tie.”

FRUITSHAKE: “Says he practices at home… wait! That’s not Mark Ruffalo! That’s the dude who sold me some fake molly on Canal Street last week!”

SMOOTHIE: “Man, fuck that asshole! Gets to fuck hot chicks and then rips you off! Though I doubt he lives in NYC. I mean it’s possible. So what did you think? I think it was a super hot scene. Might win the award.”

FRUITSHAKE: “I still haven’t seen all of the other scenes in the category. I wish Madi and Hannah luck. But that dude is on my permanent shit list!”*

*We explained to Fruitshake that this actor is Robby Echo and he didn’t sell him fake molly.

Here are Madi’s social links. Don’t forget to vote for her!





1 https://fleshbot.com/8556756/twenty-questions-with-hot-porn-starlet-madi-collins/
2 https://interviews.adultdvdtalk.com/madi-collins/