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    March 18, 2022: Used Panties Edition

    Above: Siri Dahl Blue Lacy Flowers Lingerie Set, buy on Fans Utopia

    Welcome to the second weekly edition of my new column about all things porn. Industry people, if you have any scoops, new films or feature dancing appearances to promote send the info to press at

    In the 1984 Brian DePalma film “Body Double,” a detective questions a man about a murder after finding a pair of the victim’s underwear in his pocket. “Maybe you’re just a harmless panty sniffer, is that it?” Joe Friday may not approve, but there are many harmless erotic fetishes which fixate on articles of clothing and for years adult entertainers have sold their used panties, bras and sex toys to fans via their websites or during feature dancing appearances.

    Now, no one’s going to pay for my old boxer shorts but I have a deadbeat roommate who left the country four years ago and still has three boxes of “expensive” clothing in my closet which I would describe as Hungarian hooker garb and I’d love to sell it all but unfortunately she’s only famous for being kicked out of every bar in Williamsburg one summer.

    Does something magical transfer to a person who wears, touches or smells something after it is worn by someone they revere? I worked on a film in Wilmington, NC right after “Blue Velvet” wrapped and got to visit the wardrobe department and put on the blue velvet robe Isabella Rossellini wore in that film. And ever since then I’ve been drawn to brutal men who get high on helium.

    Natasha Root

    Natasha Root of Los Angeles is the owner of an all female business that caters to this sales category, providing a unique service for adult entertainment performers. Formerly a member of the fashion industry, she says she got the idea for it in a dream: 

    “It was a dream where a good friend of mine who used to be in the porn industry was asking me to put her used breast implants on my website. I woke up instantly in the middle of night: ‘hmm… selling used items from porn stars!’ and started doing research. There were companies where anyone could sell panties and socks but there wasn’t anything specific to exactly what I wanted to do. So I created the first and only full service company that sells used items from well known porn stars or cam girls and boys. I wanted a safe place where people could celebrate being themselves and feel they had a closer connection to their idols.”

    Her company is called Fans Utopia and you can buy used clothing there from porn stars such as Kenzie Anne, Kenna James, Siri Dahl and many others. Dahl has been very pleased with Natasha’s service:

    ‘Working with Fans Utopia has made the process of selling my worn items and collectibles so much easier. There is definitely a point where fan demand outweighs my ability to fulfill orders, and I admit that I reached that point a long time ago—until Fans Utopia came to the rescue! My fans love it too, because they’re getting the real deal but the ordering and shipping process is a lot more efficient now than it used to be when I was selling on my own.”

    I got to ask Natasha a few questions recently.

    What do people ask for in terms of verification of authenticity of items?

    I have a photo of the person wearing the item. I’m friends with each person who sells on the website so the buyers know I can easily contact the star. And the stars post they are on the website selling items so that helps. 

    Kenzie Anne Orange/Tan Stockings, buy at Fans Utopia

    You let customers email you “special requests.” What are some of the most unique or odd or funny requests you have received?

    Used, autographed dildos is a common request. Nothing is off limits and I like the challenge of trying to get their requested item. I had a man ask for a hoodie from one of the girls that he wanted her to wear in his size during winter. So when he wore it he could feel as if she was there with him. My customers are pretty open with me on what they want the items for most of the time, although I don’t always want to know! Siri Dahl does cosplay and a fan send us a Funko pop doll that Siri has dressed up as. She autographed it for him. One odd request I had to reject was a guy who wanted vials of a girl’s urine. Also, not many of my buyers know what I look like and they ask to buy my panties! So I have sold some. I like to call it the owners special!

    I would imagine that clothes worn in a specific porn scene would be a sought after item. Are these difficult to get?

    Buyers love specific outfits such as dresses from award shows or scenes.  And they love bra/panty sets from scenes. The girls are really good about saving their items, years worth of them! When I do local pickup at their places, I am amazed how they have special closets filled with so many things throughout the years and they know exactly when it was worn. I can easily just text them a photo and within days they locate it for me. For newer scenes, the girls are saving the outfits for me and saving autographed scripts when they can, too.

    I love this photo of Anny Aurora! Cheers!

    In 2009 I wrote an on-set article about a Joanna Angel film for a magazine special she guest-edited. I’ve known Joanna since the late-aughts. I had a couple of friends who modeled for her ground-breaking website, and I discovered that she lived only two blocks from me in Brooklyn. Since then she’s become one of the most famous and respected porn stars in the world. And she’s moved back to NYC! I asked her what was the most fun she’s had since she returned and she said, “Going to Lady Gaga night at the House of Yes!” House of Yes is a “funky venue showcasing dance, circus, theater & cabaret performances in a former ice warehouse” located in Bushwick. More about my all-time favorite adult entertainer in the weeks to come.

    Party like it’s 1999! Four porn stars who were active in the late 90s and early aughts have birthdays today: Dyanna Lauren, Dayton Rains, Tawny Roberts and Seymour Butts. Our writer who goes by the name of Fruitshake claims to have wanked to @DyannaLauren over 2000 times!

    Alex: Over what time period is that?

    Fruitshake: I’m gonna say between 1995 and 2010.

    Alex: The internet tells us that the average amount of ejaculate for men is between 1.5 and 5 ml.

    Fruitshake: Let’s split the difference and say I produce 2.5 ml on average.

    Alex: So that amounts to two and a half liters of spunk!

    Fruitshake: Yeah, close to two and a half quarts of buttermilk!

    Alex: I’m going to assume that your wanking was not restricted to just Dyanna Lauren during those fifteen years, right?

    Fruitshake: Your assumption is correct, sir!

    Alex: I just checked on (the Internet Adult Film Database) and she has 335 performer credits, so you must have wanked multiple times to some scenes, right?

    Fruitshake: I had my go-to scenes.

    Alex: In 1998 she won the Best Actress AVN for “Bad Wives.” It also won Movie of the Year and Best Director (Paul Thomas) and Best Actor (Steven St. Croix). Was that one of your go-to scenes?

    Fruitshake: Sure. And another favorite was “Steamy Windows” (1993) (available on because there was a long orgy scene in an apartment and it was raining and thundering outside. I don’t know why but the combination of the weather and the orgy really got me going.

    Alex: Let’s see who else is in this film? Wow, Jon Dough!

    Fruitshake: The doughman! To paraphrase the Statler Brothers, “Whatever happened to Jon Dough, happened to the industry.”

    Alex: Did you ever meet Dyanna?

    Fruitshake: I got an autographed slick from her at the Virgin Megastore years ago.

    Alex: Did you ever wank to Dayton Rains or Tawny Roberts?

    Fruitshake: Oh Dayton was super hot. She changed her hair color during her MILF days. She started out as a blonde and always made me think of Christina Applegate. Tawny was stunning! I think I bought all of her box covers.

    Alex: Seymour and his family were the subject of a Showtime reality series in the early aughts called “Family Business.”

    Fruitshake: Yeah, he was one of the pioneers of gonzo. And his ex-girlfriend Shane created a series we all love–“Shane’s World.”

    I’ll leave you with this lovely image, courtesy of the gorgeous Anna Claire Clouds, until next week. Spring is coming! Please follow us on twitter and instagram!

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