Sunday, June 4, 2023

    Brandi Love & Kenzie Anne in “Sweat”

    FRUITSHAKE: In the new 45-minute clip from, legendary performer Brandi Love plays a gym owner who is into “the lifestyle.”

    SMOOTHIE: I love it when swingers describe it as being “the lifestyle.” Like there is only one lifestyle.

    FRUITSHAKE: Yeah, I’m into the bohemian lifestyle, i.e., I can’t pay my rent. But that doesn’t make me a swinger.

    SMOOTHIE: Brandi is training Kenzie Anne and they are both in interracial relationships. Once she determines Kenzie is also into “the lifestyle” she says it’s time they begin a “different kind of workout.”

    FRUITSHAKE: The two ladies switch partners and drop to their knees to blow the muscle-bound dudes (Richard Mann & Mazee). I like how the two guys do a fist bump as they are being serviced.

    SMOOTHIE: Haha. Yeah, remember that chick we “London Bridged” at that convention?

    FRUITSHAKE: Convention?

    SMOOTHIE: OK, I know you’re getting old and forgetful. We got this woman to go up to our hotel room and you did her from behind while she blew me and we high-fived each other…

    FRUITSHAKE: Yeah, man, I know what “London Bridge” means. But that was at a convention? AVN?

    SMOOTHIE: No, man, the time we went with your uncle…

    FRUITSHAKE: Oh, no, let’s not talk about…

    SMOOTHIE: It was a convention for people in the septic tank cleaning industry. Nothing to be ashamed of. Your uncle makes a good living.

    FRUITSHAKE: Yeah, well, you can just imagine the caliber of groupies who show up at such events.

    SMOOTHIE: Hey, she was no Kenzie Anne but we both got our nut.

    FRUITSHAKE: “Got our nut?” Why are you talking like a skateboard kid? Anyway, back to the video. Brandi Love is considered a MILF now, so the contrast in age between her (49) and Kenzie (29) is notable here yet both are expert cocksuckers.

    SMOOTHIE: Brandi has been in the industry since 2006 and has over 600 performer credits! I like how they are back to back (or maybe booty to booty) here like partners in an action film fighting off villains.

    FRUITSHAKE: Kenzie is such an enthusiasic cock gagger! And I love that Marilyn Monroe-ish squeal she makes–such a turn on.

    SMOOTHIE: They all take their clothes off. Brandi has an amazing body for a 49-year-old.

    FRUITSHAKE: And how. Now they are riding the guys in reverse cowgirl style. I wish I had a small photo of this to put in my wallet. So memorable.

    SMOOTHIE: These guys have great builds but I don’t think I’d like to have cock as big as theirs.


    SMOOTHIE: No, I like to feel a woman’s mouth deep throat me all the way and feel my balls slap against her when we fuck. A really long dick makes that impossible.

    FRUITSHAKE: Good point. So you’re happy with your short dick?

    SMOOTHIE: I’m happy with what I got!

    FRUITSHAKE: Reminds me of the exchange in “Rio Bravo.” Fellow looks at John Wayne’s pitiful posse and asks, “This is all you’ve got?” And the Duke says, “This is WHAT I’ve got.”

    FRUITSHAKE: I love how we went from interracial porn to a Howard Hawks film.

    SMOOTHIE: The auteur here is Laurent Sky who, as usual, delivers flawless direction.

    FRUITSHAKE: The money shot is unique: both woman seen upside down. Kenzie’s patter is always so fucking sexy. And the guys fist bump again. Just another day in the life of muscle-bound studs getting their nut with two beautiful, stacked ladies.

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