Sunday, September 24, 2023

    Kenna James & Jay Smooth in “The Invitation”

    FRUITSHAKE:The Invitation” is from the French production company Dorcel but the performers (with the exception of Jay Smooth) are all from the U.S., it’s in English and filmed in LA.

    SMOOTHIE: And three hours long! Many porn films are longer now because they often originate as a web series, each scene sold on the site a week at a time and then combined as a DVD or streaming movie.

    Scene 1: Kenna James & Jay Smooth

    FRUITSHAKE: The opening scene identifies this as what used to be called “couples porn.” Expensive sets, romantic settings. Dorcel’s trademark is “luxure depuis 1979” or “Lust since 1979.”

    SMOOTHIE: Kenna James narrates the beginning as we see a Koyaanisqatsi-like time lapse aerial view of Los Angeles. Now that she has her dream job, she says, she is not giving enough attention to her always horny boy friend, played by Jay Smooth. Smooth (no relation to me!) was born in Poland and speaks English with an accent.

    FRUITSHAKE: The usually blonde Kenna has red hair here and looks fantastic I don’t remember her breasts being this incredibly perky. Once again she has missed their dinner date because of the demands of her job. They discuss accepting an invitation to a couple’s “commitment” ceremony at a location some hours away. The dialogue sequence here goes a bit too long, I think, though I do love looking at Kenna’s long legs in that tight black cocktail dress.

    SMOOTHIE: “And you deserve a blowjob,” she tells him. Music to my own ears as well! But first he feeds her a cupcake. She sucks it off his fingers and he licks parts of it off her wonderfully erect nipples.

    FRUITSHAKE: They go to the bedroom and she gives him the blowjob she promised. Jay is very handsome and has a great body and together they look like a god and goddess fucking on Mount Olympus.

    SMOOTHIE: Afterwards they talk in bed about her hesitancy to go to the ceremony but my attention is mainly directed toward Kenna James’ unbelievable breasts. Kenna is so hot here I want to cry!

    Scene 2: Gia Derza, Vanna Bardot

    FRUITSHAKE: So they go to the ceremony and meet Vanna Bardot and Cody Steele. Later Gia Derza and Robby Echo show up and Gia and Vanna can’t stop kissing. (Sorry, I can never remember the character names.) Gia and Vanna have a very sexy girl/girl scene on a couch.

    Scene 3: Jay Smooth, Codey Steele, Vanna Bardot

    SMOOTHIE: There are some scenes between Kenna and Jay and then Kenna and Vanna about relationships but I really need to see Vanna fuck, which she does next.

    FRUITSHAKE: The scene is lit with a purple cast because it is supposed to be a dream of Kenna’s. Jay and Codey have sex with Vanna. Condoms are used, which doesn’t bother me but I wish the scene had been lit differently–the purple cast makes the action seem less present, even though Vanna is always good. She has a perfect ass and legs and a sexy smile that is like 100 Natalie Woods in formation!

    Scene 4: Jessy Jones, Bella Rolland, Destiny Cruz

    SMOOTHIE: More people show up. More marital squabbling between Kenna and Jay as she gradually realizes that the ceremony is really an orgy.

    FRUITSHAKE: I like how Vanna tries to break it to Kenna gradually and then just bursts out, “Orgy!”

    SMOOTHIE: Kenna and Jay have sex and she warms up to the idea of participating in the orgy, while Bella Rolland, Destiny Cruz and Jessy Jones have a three-way while others watch.

    Scene 5: Jay Smooth, Kenna James, Robby Echo, Codey Steele, Gia Derza, Vanna Bardot

    FRUITSHAKE: So finally the three main couples have sex on a couch together and swap partners until they all come.

    SMOOTHIE: The highlight here is seeing Kenna doing reverse cowgirl in the middle of the couch with Jay, her magnificent tits pushing out towards us and then Vanna and her doing a tag-team blowjob. The editing and lighting are excellent here.

    FRUITSHAKE: Right, I like the number of cuts to the master shot showing all three couple going at it at once. Kenna swallows the come of two of the men while Vanna drinks down the third.

    SMOOTHIE: So overall, a beautifully shot romantic couples porn film with Kenna James giving one of the hottest performances in adult film history. Everyone is good but she is cream–get on top!

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