Friday, December 8, 2023


    With the hottest temperatures in recorded history plaguing the earth this month, do we really need to turn up the heat by listing five super hot people, films and podcasts in the adult film world? “Stupid bloody question!” Roy Kent would say. So here we go, putting out the fire with gasoline:

    1. Just the Tips Podcast

    Friend of the site Joanna Angel and her husband Aaron “Small Hands” Thompson have started a terrific new podcast called “Just The Tips” and it is available for free on YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts. The couple share funny anecdotes about life in the adult film industry and talk to special industry guests. They are two of the smartest and most interesting people in adult film and their funny, engaging show is a must-see.

    2. Maddie May

    Maddy May is the hottest thing to come out of Bill Clinton’s home state since… uh… Al Green? (I’m sure there are other Arkansas hotties but I can’t think of them off hand.) Meanwhile I only have one hand free when watching Maddy’s compact, firm body undulate on the dozens of partners she has fucked. My heart ached a bit when she appeared on PlugTalk and, of course, had sex with Adam22 and Lena the plug. Don’t get me started about PlugTalk!

    3. Vixen Sirens Vol. 2

    Too late to book my sexy tropical vacation. Guess I’ll have to settle for “Sirens Vixens Vol. 2,” Vixen director Julia Grandi’s latest lushly photographed fantasies of sex on the beach and near the beach and in the hotel by the beach with impossibly sexy babes Agatha Vega, Kelly Collins, Freya Mayer, Sonya Blaze, Lika Star and Quinn Wilde. You’ll need some SPF 50 sun screen to make it through this scorcher!

    4. Hot Bodies Vol. 6

    Vanna Bardot is one of my favorite porn stars and “Hot Bodies Vol. 6” also has scenes with Freya Parker, Alina Lopez and April Olsen–all of them drive me crazy. Directed by Mason who I think is that height-challenged actor who was in an Underwood Deviled Ham commercial as a child. Or maybe I’m mistaken. (He’s a talented porn director in any case!) My only beef with this feature is the overly intricate, bondage-y lingerie on the cover. Entire bridges are constructed with less support beams and struts than that thing Bardot is wearing!

    5. Emily Grey (Chaturbate)

    I’m not on Chaturbate much these days but one of my all-time favorite Chaturbaters is Emily Grey. The very pretty, very smart Emily is into cosplay and pc gaming and has genuinely warm chats with her fans (as long as they are respectful.) Her beautiful eyes sometimes look a bit woeful, almost near tears which makes me worry that she is the prisoner of Russian gangsters who take a huge chunk of the money she makes. I pray that this isn’t the case!

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